Report | Digital by Default


Reporting is such a critical factor for any digital project and having set out our reporting and evaluation criteria during our planning stage we can now start to reap the benefits.

It’s the most informative data to help map your success outcomes that we’ll concentrate on harvesting. So whether it’s a set of engagement results built from an increased time spent interacting with your website, an increase in sign-ups to an offer or service or more products or downloads sold; we can ensure you capture the data to prove and improve the success of your project or campaign.

Because it’s not always just about proving the success, sometimes it’s about understanding what’s missing from the proposition; too little time spent and higher than expected bounce rates suggesting lack of engagement, or abandoned shopping baskets suggesting a flaw in the way products or services are offered or portrayed, no increase in sign up or even a reduction highlighting that the benefits or process aren’t clear or simple.

Putting data capture in place will allow for continuous monitoring which leads to continuous improvements that are based on actual data, not anecdotal evidence.