Great Shopify examples

Published on 5 Jul 2019 - Our culture - 15 minute read

Shopify is a great e-commerce solution and grows in popularity each year. The great thing about an emerging platform like Shopify is you keep getting creators pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the platform and coming up with great designs and intelligent solutions. Although Shopify can be slightly limited at times, there is a wide range of Shopify apps available to help you achieve the results you need. As well as the apps available, you have creative developers achieving better and better results within the limitations of Shopify. Below is a list of some great Shopify website examples we’ve found whilst working with the platform.


The Modern Shop screengrab


The Modern Shop

A great example of how to handle large product catalogues. This site manages to achieve a nice, uncluttered design while enabling the user to easily navigate to each section, and find exactly what they’re looking for.


Penny Arcade screengrab


Penny Arcade

We love the colourful approach to this site. It really captures the energy and enthusiasm of the brand. They definitely know their target audience and have designed their website to help achieve greater sales by injecting bright and vibrant colours throughout their Shopify store.


Madsen Cycles screengrab


Madsen Cycles

You can tell Madsen Cycles have a strong photography game. They use excellent shots of people enjoying their products from all sorts of lifestyles. It really helps showcase their idea of a fun, healthy, family dynamic, brought together by their cycles.


Sole Rebels screengrab


Sole Rebels

Sole Rebels have a deep heritage and are proud of their history. They have strong photography throughout their website, so you really get a sense of fun from the company as well as how important their message is to their brand.


All Birds screengrab


All Birds

All Birds have a very clean and minimalist approach to their Shopify website. This not only helps clearly show how their products are made and why this is important to them, but it makes the user experience incredibly easy, and a joy to browse and shop.


Factory43 screengrab



Factory43 have a great selection of quirky, fun products. They put this at the forefront of their Shopify website knowing that the intrigue and imagination of their customer base are what helps lead to sales. By having their products be the front runner for the website, they know they are enticing people to click to see more!


The Colossal Shop screengrab


The Colossal Shop

The Colossal Shop is simple to use and understand the e-commerce experience. They know that a comfortable and familiar e-commerce experience is what helps make sales. So that’s exactly how they’ve designed their Shopify store. Familiar, easy to use and with the products taking centre stage.


Finisterre screengrab



Finisterre is a great example of a modern take on the e-commerce web store. Their product page is simple to use, works well and looks great across all devices. They take that approach further, by laying out a lot of additional information below the fold in a well crafted and cleanly laid out design.


Condor Cycles screengrab


Condor Cycles

You can tell Condor Cycles love their product and the community around them. Which is why their homepage is more about the care, community and accessories of their bikes rather than the bikes themselves. They know they have a loyal fanbase, and so have made this the priority of their Shopify store experience.


Milly Jagger screengrab



The handmade feel to the Mollyjogger website is definitely ingrained into its entire design. The crafted and ‘rough around the edges’ feel is definitely felt with their use of hand-drawn typography and illustrations. Their products are for the adventurous outdoors type and this has definitely played a big part in the way they have portrayed their brand and their Shopify website.


Black Milk Clothing screengrab


Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Clothing came up with a clever solution to an issue a lot of people have when ordering clothes online. They integrated a measurement slider so the user can put in their exact measurements and get a recommendation of the size they should order. This helps the customer feel much more confident about their purchases and reduces potential returns.


Caravan Coffee Roasters screengrab


Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters know that the source of their products is hugely important, not only to them but to their customers. Which is why their website has this at the forefront. They’re not trying to use fancy packaging or marketing gimmicks to increase sales. They care about their products and want you to too.


Best Cade Co. screengrab


Best Made Co.

Best Made Co. has created a nice and modern Shopify website. They have a strong brand and quality made products. Their products, which speak for themselves, are the driving force of their website. Great use of colour and typography help the user have a great Shopify experience. 


Au Lit Fine Linens screengrab


Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens uses a light and airy aesthetic to their Shopify store. Not only does it capture the essence of their products but it creates a sense of calm and peace which we feel helps guide customers to the exact product they’re looking for.


Acler screengrab



Acler is a modern fashion brand that uses traditional photography to showcase its products. It keeps things plain and simple without using marketing gimmicks to try to sell their products. 


Herschel Supply Co. screengrab


Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. create a great first impression by utilizing video within the hero of the home page. This not only adds a dynamic feel and energy to the site but really helps showcase their range of products instantly to the user.


Mister Smith screengrab


Mister Smith

Two things stood out to us when we saw this Mister Smith’s Shopify website. Colour and craft. Mister Smith is definitely proud of their workmanship and process. And not only do they embed that within their messaging but they showcase the variety of the products throughout the site with great photography.


Armac Martin screengrab


Armac Martin

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You didn’t think we wouldn’t throw in one of our sites, did you?! We’re super proud of the work we did for Armac Martin on their Shopify store, and although their store direction has changed a bit over time, the Shopify platform has been incredibly versatile in reaching all the needs of the client. (It even got an honorable mention award form awwwards).