Welcome to our updated website. | Digital by Default

Welcome to our updated website.

Published on 5 Feb 2019 - Our culture - 5 minute read

Why did we redevelop our website? Well, there’s was a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we felt that the old version wasn’t getting our values and services through enough. Our digital services include a number of things ranging from branding, website design, development, motion graphics and more! We wanted a better platform to share these and provide a more detailed explanation on how we tackle new projects and highlight case studies that we have successfully completed within these areas.

Secondly, the old site also had a few snagging issues which we wanted to resolve. It didn’t quite adapt as well as we would have liked when adding in new pages and images. This meant we would come across issues when adding in new elements that were more trouble to resolve than their worth. We wouldn’t expect our clients to deal with issues like that, so why should we! You gotta practise what you preach right!✌

Alongside this, digital by default has evolved and changed with time, so we wanted to refresh our brand slightly, refine our core values and create a better platform for our digital presence. Our old site didn’t fit this mould so we needed our site to evolve just like DBD.

It was also a great way for our Front End Developer Emma to stretch her creative legs and have some fun! Well done Emma!👏