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Antalis Packaging Solutions – Website UI/UX

Antalis is Europe’s leading distributor of paper, packaging and visual communication solutions. The Digital Marketing Team approached us to provide usability and user experience test and audit across one of their HubSpot driven websites.

UX Research
HubSpot Integration

UX Design


Our review highlighted a number of suggestions that would help overcome some specific usability issues as well as improve the consistency of the key messaging. Changes that will lead to greater user engagement through a more direct pathway and better signposting of relevant content.



The changes and suggestions were well received by the team at Antalis and we have embarked on making the changes to the HubSpot driven web site with some pre-agreed engagement goals.
Working alongside their Search Agency, our target of increasing the number of Marketing Qualified Leads has already shown improvements. We’re pleased to say (and our client is too) these have increased 3 fold.