Armac Martin

Established in 1929, Armac Martin have a long and rich history making them one of the finest crafters and suppliers of cabinet hardware. Over the last couple of years, they have seen a significant jump and so their old website didn’t represent their brand.

We worked with them to update their online store to better showcase their range of products, help users in other regions and improve usability. We used Shopify to create their online stores which has helped them see a significant jump in online sales and helped show off their stunning product collections across the globe.

Art direction
User experience design
Web design
Shopify development
Digital marketing

Working closely with Armac Martin, we wanted to make sure their brand was represented correctly as we moved forward with the project. A modern and clean look was agreed upon, we wanted the products to speak for themselves with fantastic photography at the front and centre of the site. We produced pages for each collection to help showcase them as a whole, as well as an inspiration gallery. All to help bring their products to life for the user.

After the site was launched, Armac Martin saw great feedback from users. The site was easy to navigate, and the process of ordering their hardware was easier than ever. As Armac Martin grow and expand into new territories, we can continue to develop and evolve their stores to suit new needs and offer more features for their users. A truly great project that has achieved tremendous results.