Crisp Branding – eCommerce Website Design & Development

Crisp Branding provide an extensive range of quality merchandising products, every single item that they promote through the website is individually quality checked before it goes online. This obsession with quality is just one of the reasons they are fast becoming one of the UK’s leading suppliers of promotional items.

And it’s not just the quality of the product that they obsess over; it’s the quality of customer service too. And it was a desire to improve on the immediacy of ordering for their customers that led them to create an ecommerce powered website; a website that allowed their customers to browse and choose the product, the quantity and colours that suit their budget. To upload their artwork and request a mock-up of how the final product will look with their own branding. And to be able to do all of this at a time to suit themselves.

Art direction
User experience design
Web design
Shopify development
Digital marketing

Built on the Shopify platform, we worked closely with the designers at Crisp to realise their vision for a fresh and vibrant looking website that helps to showcase the products and functions intuitively. With a complete custom designed layout the project was not without its challenges, however the end-result is well worth the effort. Being able to operate 24 hrs a day and passing greater control to their customers, the Crisp team are now able to spend more time on their live customer chat and making sure they can deliver on their promises.



Shopify is a very powerful e-commerce platform, with a fully featured ‘of the box’ CMS capability from new and existing product management, customer account registration and management including order history to third-party payment integration,  and a suite of visitor diagnostics and user metrics.