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Farm Fresh Revolution – Brand & Website Design

Farm Fresh Revolution is a social project conceived by a number of local food producers from across Staffordshire and run by volunteers. The aim of the project is to educate and inspire families to eat more fresh food and by doing so improve public health. We provide digital marketing and website services to the project at no cost as part of our social responsibility to local communities.

Within the first year the project successfully created a fortnightly ‘grocery bag’ pilot project in Staffordshire in partnership with six local suppliers providing meat, vegetables and fruit. The food is currently distributed through nine local primary schools.

We created the brand and some items of promotional material to help raise awareness for the project.

We also designed and developed the project website that needed to include a variety of functionality; a blog was essential, recipe pages were important, and information pages on the project and how to get involved, wither as a school, food provider or volunteer.

Art Direction
Web Design
WordPress Development



We think the brand and website reflects the very essence of the project; fun, caring and energetic. We’re proud to still be actively involved and we continue to manage the website and create new digital content and marketing support as needed. And we’re delighted their mission to bring healthier living to families in Staffordshire, and to get parents and children learning how to cook fresh food, is being realised.