Farm Fresh Revolution

Our friends over at Farm Fresh Revolution wanted to create a brand and website that not only incorporated their brand message but emphasised their key mission statement. It needs to be fun, friendly and approachable. This was much a brand and website for adults as it was for kids. This led us down the route of using illustration for the graphic elements, a textured look and fun and playful font.

The site needed to include a variety of functionality. A blog was essential, recipe pages were important, and pages on what they’re about and how to get involved were also incredibly important for the site to suit all Farm Fresh’s needs.

Art Direction
Web Design
WordPress Development

The final result was a fun and enjoyable website that not only achieves everything the charity were after, but speaks volumes about their mission to bring healthy living to families in Staffordshire, and get parents and children cooking side by side, learning how to cook healthier, and better.