Mercer Farming

Mercer Farming wanted to update their old website with a slick contemporary website that would serve them well for the future. They were after a one-page site, that encompassed their enterprises and stated their values. Its main purpose was to explain that The Mercer Family operates a collection of enterprises that operate with a common ethos and governance. They are advocates of the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, focussing not just on profitability but also on social and environmental factors.

UI/UX Design
Web Design
Wordpress Development

Custom icons.


Along with delivering their enterprises in a versatile way. We designed some custom icons to help illustrate their core values. Hoping to capture the essence of each value, we felt that a unique icon that symbolised the text was the only way to truly express its meaning. As some of the values are very specific and can’t easily be symbolised, we went through a few various options before we found the elements we felt worked and fit, not only with the rest of the website, but the Mercer Farming brand.



The folks over at Mercer Farming were extremely pleased with their new website. It completely captured what they were after, and displayed all the information in a clever and user-friendly manner. It’s a website that not only reflects their brand and values but will serve them well for years to come.