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Previser Explainer Animation – Motion Graphics

PreViser Corporation is the world’s leading developer of evidence-based oral disease risk and health assessment technology. The technology is designed to support practitioners to identify and clearly communicate a patient’s risk of developing an oral disease and provide advice on the preventive steps that will help improve and secure their oral health going forward.

We were approached to design and create an ‘explainer’ video to help promote the benefits of the Previser technology in an interesting and informative way. The short video needed to distil the relatively complicated product features and benefits into an engaging and attractive animated video.

Motion Graphics
Video Creation

What we did.


We wrote some sample scripts which travelled between us and the client until we were both happy we had captured the essence of the key message. At the same time, the design team created some style ideas that we felt would convey the key messages within the design time available to us.

Once we had approval for both of these, we set about creating a storyboard and once that was accepted we started to create and edit. The finished piece is an easy introduction to the organisation and their products and is used on their website and at trade shows.